Africa is not a country

It is a continent, home to 54 different independent countries with more than 2000 languages and 3000 distinct ethnic groups.

Understanding local customs, sensibilities and complexities and having access to on-the-ground experts is key when doing business in Africa.

With Afriwise, we have created a space where access to local expertise meets a passion for global excellence.

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We are an innovative organisation providing Sub-Saharan Africa focused consulting and advisory services to companies, governments, project promoters, entrepreneurs and development organisations.

Our mission is

  • to offer a wide portfolio of relevant solutions and services to organisations, governments and communities, which address trends, changes and challenges in key countries in Sub-Saharan Africa;
  • to provide clients with access to real knowledge of local customs, practice and language, and in this process,
  • to provide thought leadership for change towards sustainability.

In our offices in Johannesburg, South Africa, we have a unique team of dynamic, dedicated and like-minded individuals, bringing together many years of experience in different parts of Africa as well as a variety of skills and expertise.

In addition, we have created the Afriwise community which brings together the finest local professionals, experts, advisers and consultants based in the African countries where our clients are active, enabling us leverage of their expertise and knowledge when advising our clients. Unlocking the potential of experts based in several African countries to collaborate productively on pressing problems is the power of the Afriwise innovation.

We also use our resources (team, Afriwise community, relationships and reputation) to deploy funding for starting entrepreneurs and SMEs in Africa and to support and accelerate their growth.

Afriwise explained by the founders


We are unique – elements for our success.
in a sustainable way
resourceful with a little bit of amazing thrown in
based on a genuine knowledge and understanding of local environments and needs
with a great sense of integrity and responsibility

We respect the uniqueness of each African jurisdiction and of its opportunities and challenges. Our focus is not to make standard models work in these unique environments but rather to adapt existing models and to create new ones in which ‘uniqueness’ is integrated.

Afriwise consult is the first professional services firm in Africa to concentrate its entire delivery model on the ability to assist our clients properly with advice that is genuinely tailored to situations and local environments, and all this through collaboration.

The design and implementation of our service model are grounded in the understanding that our advice must be implementable and fit into the local environments in which our clients operate.

We value integrity and ensure that the people we work with do the same, because we believe in honesty and are convinced that taking shortcuts affects a project’s viability in the long run.

We understand the challenges of running a business in environments with a different ‘business culture’, but we have seen that challenging the status quo can change mindsets.


Having been confronted, as business lawyers, tax advisers, risk advisers, bankers and development specialists, with the challenges and complexities of doing business in over 40 African countries, we decided to join forces and combine our knowledge, skills, expertise and unique backgrounds for the benefit of our clients.

Afriwise consult is a truly Sub Saharan Africa focused multi-disciplinary advisory firm, having the specialists required to provide expert advice and deliver optimal results to ensure that our clients’ ventures on the African continent are a success.

We are with our clients on every step of their project:

  • we provide you all relevant information at the outset,
  • we assist you with structuring,
  • we help you manage your venture and deal with issues that arise,
  • we help you manage your exposure and liabilities,
  • we help you grow, expand and diversify.

In order to service our clients best, we created the Afriwise community so that we can call upon local expertise, knowledge, language capabilities and cultural affinity of local experts throughout Africa for the benefit of our clients.

We work in English, French, Dutch, IsiZulu, Lingala, Nyanja and have a basic knowledge of Kiswahili.

Ethical guidelines
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We offer a wide range of services to clients active in Sub Saharan Africa, aiming at overcoming country specific challenges they are confronted with.

We accompany clients from market entry decision to successful roll-out.
Market entry
We help clients understand the legal environments in which they operate.
Regulatory Compliance
We offer in-depth country focused due diligence services.
Due Diligence
We provide focused anti-corruption and anti-fraud services tailored to local circumstances.
Anti-corruption /fraud
We help clients identify and engage with local partners.
Local Participation
We help clients understand the dynamics of public-private relations in a local context.
Public-Private Relations
We assist clients with structuring and dealing with African tax environments.
Tax advice
We help clients nurture relations with local stakeholders through continuous dialogue.
Stakeholder engagement
We help clients understand and mitigate peculiar and country-specific risks.
Risk Assessment
We act as an extension of management teams less familiar with African markets.
Africa Desk


Our operational structure is designed around our client’s projects – effective delivery is our main goal. We really made relationship management and delivery of your project the core of our operational structure.


We propose the team, project methodology, key deliverables and pricing methodology, to you, for your input and approval.

Team work

Now the project coordinator assumes full authority over your project execution and the delivery by each of the team members. The experts who are part of the team are always clear about their individual roles and responsibilities.

Delivery and Review

We deliver on time and within budget. We review constantly, together with you, the performance of the project coordinator and each of the team members based on criteria that include client satisfaction, timeliness, budget control and team spirit.


We analyze your project requirements, provide detailed scoping and evaluate the assignment to make sure the project meets our mission and the partnership is a good fit.

Skills building

We carefully choose our team consisting of a project coordinator and a tailored team of experts from within the Afriwise consult and Afriwise com talent pools, whose combined experience ensures a complete integration of your project’s requirements.


Throughout the duration of the assignment, our project coordinator works hand-in-hand with you and can be positioned as a single point of contact; even managing the relationship with your other external service providers where necessary.


Our senior staff members have backgrounds with top professional services firms and international companies as well as the pragmatism born of experience in doing business in Sub Saharan Africa. They are committed, energetic, and adaptable. Our core team combines legal, regulatory, financial, tax, economic, risk, CSR and management capabilities. This unique combination and the fact that our consultants always team up with top local experts of the Afriwise community, allow for a complete approach to solutions for our clients and enable us to deliver great projects.

Brian Dlamini
Steven De Backer
Olivier Binyingo
Eddie Mupeso
Catherine Mukobo
Administrative Manager
Robert Nel


Afriwise com is a community of like-minded professionals, experts, advisers and consultants living and working in Sub-Saharan Africa, who collaborate to deliver value and transform their environments. We call it a community rather than a network because that is what it is really intended to be: an organic entity that brings together committed individuals to make transformation possible through collective creativity and to co-create innovative and sustainable solutions around shared purposes.

We perform due diligence on the professional standing and ethical integrity of each of the members of the Afriwise community and map their expertise and strengths in great detail.

We are developing an online platform offering members social communication tools on the one hand, and productivity and collaboration tools on the other hand. The community aspect of our online platform will allow us to harness the collective intelligence of the Afriwise com members around specific issues, while the productivity aspect will enable us to collaborate even more usefully together, in a coordinated and seamless fashion for the benefit of our clients.

Benefiting from the unique resources available within Afriwise com, we are able to offer our clients access to on-the-ground expertise in Africa with quality assurance and a strong underlying ethical culture.

Through Afriwise com, we can put a team together for our client comprising of top tier talent in Sub-Saharan Africa found at the intersection of relevant country, industry knowledge and expertise.
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